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Digital Apparel Printing for Beginners


Digital Apparel Printing for Beginners

Digital Apparel Printing

Digital apparel printers print directly onto garments and other textile items such as tote bags, mousepads and other decorative items. Digital apparel printers provide a clean, easy and convenient way to decorate garments, and replace conventional screen printing and dye sublimation methods. A digital apparel printer is a perfect business opportunity for new and home business entrepreneurs, and a lucrative way for existing business owners to expand their offerings and revenue.

How it Works

AnaJet Digital Apparel Printers are simple and easy to learn. The process is much like printing on a normal paper printer: select your graphic, load a t-shirt (or other textile item) onto the AnaJet printer, print and heat press.

AnaJet’s State of the Art Technology

AnaJet garment printers incorporate the latest in garment printing technology from the industry’s undisputed leader. AnaJet printers are the most productive systems in the industry today, with the best value proposition. The AnaJet’s Closed-Loop Ink Delivery System, automatic daily maintenance, and fastest print speeds in its class make it the unbeatable choice for garment printers.

Business Potential

Garment decoration is a $44 billion industry in the US and studies show the industry is growing even during the recession. The market for custom printed t-shirts is infinite; sell to businesses, schools, clubs, sports teams, event organizers, and more. With the ability to print on t-shirts, mousepads, tote bags, canvas art prints, wood, glass, and synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester, the opportunities are limitless! For more information on starting a home business with the AnaJet, click here. (link to applications page focusing on business opportunity)

Income Potential

How much you make depends on how hard you work. Beyond that, consider the following basic cost factors. You set your price and you can figure out what your profit will be like based on your expense and overhead. With blank tee’s costing about $1.50, and the digital ink cost per shirt costing about $0.50, your total direct cost per item can be as low as $2.00, and shirts can sell as high as $15–20 each. Imagine how high your profits could be!

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