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D-T-G for Screen Printers


Make Every Job Profitable Via Direct-to-Garment

Print One, One Hundred, or One Thousand Shirts

Why should you invest in direct to garment? Screen printers around the world are adding AnaJet printers to their shops, some even replacing their screen printing equipment with AnaJet because direct to garment saves them time and energy – and it is environmentally cleaner.

Why? Digital direct to garment is simply easier. Just open a graphic file, load a shirt and press “PRINT.”

Say “Yes” to Every Job - Including On-Demand

Before digital garment printing, a screen printer might pass on orders of 25 or 50 or even a hundred garments, because customers can be discouraged by high setup costs and rush fees. Without a tedious setup and cleanup process for each job, you can print one, 100, or 1,000 shirts without worrying about covering that time and cost.

The mP10 has improved productivity tenfold, so much that we had to buy more heat presses just to keep up with it. We look forward to the future with IHS and AnaJet.” – Jason Bryan, IHS Printing

Six months after purchasing his first AnaJet printer, Jason sold his older screen printing equipment and focused entirely on direct-to-garment business.

Never turn down a small-run order again. With AnaJet, you can digitally print on demand, with millions of colors and intricate details in just one pass. Our water-based ink is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and there is no messy clean up. Request information and get your free sample shirts today.

Business Benefits

Digital apparel printing is clean, quiet and easy, and the AnaJet mPower occupies 20 to 25 square feet in your shop or home. With the mP10 model, light shirts print in as little as 16 seconds and dark shirts in under a minute. The mPower can print on cotton and cotton blends.


A typical custom printed shirt costs about $3 in material costs: $1.50 – $2 for the blank shirt and $0.50 – $1.50 worth of ink. Customers are willing to pay upwards of $20 to $30 for custom printed shirts.  And it can take less than 20 seconds per shirt to print on white shirts and 40 seconds on black shirts. At these figures, imagine how quickly you could bring in DTG revenue!

Read more customer testimonials.

AnaJet now offers a complete business-in-a-box solution for screen printers! When you purchase a new AnaJet digital apparel printer, you’ll automatically receive your own customizable online e-store through InkSoft. With up to 24 customizable store fronts, you can create a unique shopping experience for each segment of your customer base. Customers can design and order short-runs or hundreds of t-shirts at a time online, saving you time and hassles.

Request your free sample shirt today and receive a downloadable copy of “Sell, Sell, Sell,” our free guide to digital apparel printing.


 “We still have lines that we send to screen printers because the graphics are so simple. However, I often pick up business that screen printers say “no” to, because I can offer short runs and faster turnaround. If someone comes to me with a request for 200 shirts in two days, and they want to personalize one element on each, I know I can fulfill it and no one can touch us. — Henry Landau, Landau Princeton 


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