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  • Aug 27, 2014

    Setting Up Your EnvironmentAnaJet is happy to announce yet another video from the Tips and Tricks playlist that helps direct to garment printers get the most out of their machines.  In the latest edition, Deana explains how setting up your environment properly will lead to printing success.  There are a lot of factors that go in to a proper printing environment, including an ideal work space, the proper temperature and humidity and tools that will help you to determine the proper environment your printer in living in.

    First, you should select the proper work space for your printer.   Finding the right work space for your printer will go a long way in helping your printer run properly.  An ideal work space would be in a small room or office because the smaller space would be more manageable in terms of controlling the environment.

    Temperature is another massively important factor when setting up your printer’s work environment.  You should be no lower than 70˚F and no higher than 91˚F.  You will want to try and sustain these temperatures without using air conditioning or central heating.  Deana does give you alternatives if you need to use AC or heating in the room though.  Regardless of outdoor environment, your printer’s indoor environment must be maintained and controlled.

    Humidity is another key factor that goes in to maintaining your printer’s work environment.  The humidity should be kept above the minimum requirements of 45%.  To do this, we recommend all users purchase a cool mist humidifier (available in the AnaJet E-Store) that can hold around three gallons of water so that it can run for about 36 hours per filling.  The humidifier should be kept near the printer on the side where the maintenance station is located.  To be aware of your environment’s humidity, we also suggest purchasing a hygrometer to monitor this (also available at the AnaJet E-Store).

    Ultimately, your printer’s environment is crucial to the success of your printing operation.  To view the “Setting Up Your Environment” video tutorial from the Tips and Tricks Playlist, simply click on the link.  We encourage you to subscribe to the AnaJet YouTube Channel to stay up to date with all the videos provided by AnaJet, whether or not you are an owner of AnaJet printer. 

  • Aug 21, 2014

    Last week our distributor for Singapore and Malaysia, AVS Technologies, exhibited the mPower mP10i and mP5i at the Print Technology & Asia Sign Show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Print Technology is one of the biggest shows in Asia, with three halls full of exhibits by some of the industry's top leaders like Ricoh, Canon, Epson, HP, Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland, Efi, etc. And of course: AnaJet!

    AVS Technologies exhibited two AnaJet printers at the show, and thanks to the fast printing speed and quality, the printers attracted large crowds during demonstrations. The Malaysian market was impressed and excited by the metal foil prints. Attendees were very interested in the foil samples and had never seen such printing effects before. 

    AVS Technologies distributes Roland and Efi printers along with AnaJet, and exhibited all three brands at the show. AnaJet was featured as AVS Technologies' new product and the crowd was mesmerized. 

  • Aug 15, 2014

    Heat Press SettingsIn yet another edition of Tips and Tricks, we have Edsel Barrios lay out the basics in Heat Press Settings for direct to garment printers.  The heat press is an essential tool for those printing with direct to garment technology because it is necessary to cure the ink that is laid onto the garment.  In this video, we cover the time and temperature that is necessary to cure your prints, the pressure needed for individual garments, the placement of the heat press in relation to your printer, and the electrical requirements for the heat press.

    The time and temperature for curing ink on particular garments is one the most important things to remember when using your heat press.  The temperature and time varies for light and dark color garments.  When pressing light garments that did not use white ink in the graphic, you can set your heat press at 356 degree for 40 seconds.  But when you are pressing dark color garment that use white ink, you should set your heat press at 330 degree for 90 seconds.  Improperly curing your inks will lead to bad washing results, or the ink cracking, fading, or peeling.

    Pressure is another important aspect of heat press settings.  In general, your heat press should be set to medium to heavy pressure.  Pressure can usually be adjusted through a knob located at the topside of the press.  If the pressure is not properly adjusted, the ink will not be cured properly.

    Finally, we discuss the proper placement of the heat press in relation to the printer and inks that you store.  It is imperative that you keep your heat press a minimum of five feet away from the printer.  If your printer is too close to your heat press, your heat press will dry out vital parts inside your printer.  The electrical requirements for the heat press are also vital.  You should plug in your heat press to a separate electrical socket.  The reasoning behind this is that most heat presses can use anywhere between 10-15 amps of electricity. 

    We encourage you to watch the Heat Press Settings video from our Tips and Tricks Playlist on the AnaJet YouTube Channel.  Should you have any further questions or suggestions for future Tips and Tricks tutorial videos, email us at

  • Aug 11, 2014

    ISS Las VegasThis past week, we attended ISS Las Vegas with a mission to show every one of its attendees just how valuable an AnaJet printer can be for them.  The Imprinted Sportswear Show was a three day event at the Las Vegas Convention Center and is considered the premier event to find the latest technology and techniques in the decorated apparel industry.  Chuck Burwell and Larry Goddard were the AnaJetters who were presenting at this show and were happy to report back with some tremendous feedback.

    Direct to garment was one of the highlights of this show as it is considered a massive trend in the industry.  Chuck and Larry were happy to show those interested attendees why AnaJet and our mPower i-series digital apparel printer is pushing the envelope when it comes to direct to garment technology.  The boys were printing custom graphics, as selected by the attendees, on the spot and giving them away for those who watched a demonstration.  But that was just one way in which our printers demonstrated their flexibility in the market.

    The mPower i-series printer is capable of printing on more than just t-shirts.  With an mPower, you can print on canvas, wood, ceramic tile, totes and a variety of other substrates which makes this machine perfect for the promotional products business person.  Our printers are also the perfect compliments for the embroiderers and screen printers who already have a shop and are looking to capitalize on short runs or orders with more colors than logical for normal production. 

    Imprinted Sportswear Show

    The show was incredibly busy the first day with a lot of foot traffic and evened out through the remaining two days. We tried to give everyone a demonstration and free custom t-shirt, but undoubtedly there were some of you who were under time constraints and couldn't wait.  If you didn't get all your questions answered, we encourage you to contact us by our toll-free number, 1(877)626-2538

    Couldn’t make it to Las Vegas for the show? Don’t worry.  Check in on our Event Page on the AnaJet website for upcoming trade shows we will be attending.  We will be in Nashville later this month and hope to see you there! 

    ISS Las Vegas

  • Aug 06, 2014

    Maintenance Video TutorialAnaJet recently produced a set of two maintenance tutorial videos for the mPower i-series direct to garment printer as part of our Tips and Tricks playlist on the AnaJet YouTube Channel.  The first video in the series was the Daily Maintenance tutorial.  The second video in the series was the Weekly and Bi-Weekly maintenance video.  Each video breaks down the quick and easy steps you should take to keep your investment working at optimum levels.

    In the “AnaJet mPower i-series Daily Maintenance” video, Edsel walks you through the daily maintenance that is hardly maintenance at all!  Three quick steps are all it takes in this tutorial.  First, Edsel shows you how to properly shake your white ink cartridges.  Then, we clean the wiper blade which takes no time at all.  And finally, Edsel shows you how to properly run a nozzle check for your printer.  The video takes three minutes to watch, but you can probably run through these maintenance steps faster than that!

    The next video in the series, “mPower i-series Weekly and Bi-Weekly Maintenance”, Deana gets a little more in depth with her maintenance steps.  Now even though these maintenance steps are a little more involved, they are still easy and quick to execute.  In this video you learn how to clean the rubber seals of the maintenance station, replace the wiper blade, clean your print heads, replace drip pad foam and clean your encoder strip.  Much like the previous daily maintenance video, you can probably follow through with the weekly and bi-weekly maintenance in less time than it takes to watch the video.

    More Than Just Maintenance Tutorial Videos

    The Tips and Tricks playlist on the AnaJet YouTube Channel is meant to help our AnaJet owners maximize their direct to garment printers and business.  We also take pride in teaching those who are interested in learning more about the general direct to garment industry, so we encourage you to subscribe to our channel, even if you are not a current customer.