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  • Dec 16, 2014

    The Holiday Season is nigh and what better way of expressing your thoughts than with a printed shirt.  Here are some funny holiday shirt ideas for the different personalities in your lives: 

    For the person who appreciates a good ole Christmas classic - 

    For the Princess or Queen in our lives - 

    For the person who turned into a non-believer  - 

    For the Elf movie fan - 

    For the person who looks forward to holiday parties for other reasons - 

    For the person who isn't on the good list this year - 

    For the Star Wars Geek in our lives - 

    And for the person who knows what the holidays truly do to us - 

  • Dec 09, 2014

    Starting up and operating your own business requires consistency and dedication.  Jacksonville, Florida resident and mPower owner Chris Bright understands this approach when it comes to running his business God Father of Print.

    Christ Bright has been printing since 2007 and recently purchased an mPower Printer from Anajet in September 2014, “I got tired of the high prices of local printers and decided to invest in my passion which is printing” he explains. 

    Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is Bright’s primary form of business and he ventures out into seeking contracts with local businesses, groups, and organizations that would benefit from his services which also make up most of his customers.  Bright’s home t-shirt printing business allows flexibility with his family.

    Bright expanded into DTG printing because he loved the idea of limitless colors and with his experience with screen printing “DTG is way less of a mess.”  When asked why he chose an AnaJet mPower Printer Chris explains “I wanted a machine that would last me a long time and yield quality on a consistent basis.” 

    The decision to choose the mPower printer has been successful for Bright, in just 3 months he’s halfway to his ROI.  He markets his business via social media, flyers, and business cards.  His typical product that sells are t-shirts that average out to $10 per shirt with a production cost of $3.50.  100% of God Father of Print business is generated from his DTG mPower printer.

    “The customer service team at AnaJet is always kind and helpful.  Deana and Eugene are very nice and I like how they always make sure that I am okay” Bright expresses when describing his experience with us.

    Having his own printer has simplified the business process for Bright, making it easier to focus on specific target markets that could benefit from his services.  The future for God Father of Print looks extremely promising with Bright’s business plan to purchase a Sprint printer in 2015 and an mP10i printer in 2016.

    If you need some of God Father of Print's services, contact them for a quote.

    Build your own success with AnaJet.  Learn more. 

  • Dec 01, 2014

    Being in the business for a little over a year, Erick Dauberger, a full time University of Memphis student and owner of Direct Digital Printing Technologies in Memphis Tennessee, shares his experience  with his AnaJet mPower Printer.

    “I came into the apparel printing business with the mindset of wanting to have "no barriers." I wanted to be able to offer something that no one, to my knowledge, in my area currently offers. I started off unlike most others with direct to garment printing instead of the common print shop who expands into the DTG world.” Erick explains,  “I knew starting out this way would be a bumpy road and a bit of a challenge but I knew that there was definitely something to offer here. I have opened myself to many different opportunities which has made this experience that much more beneficial. “

    “I chose the Anajet mPower because it is one of the only DTG printers on the market that was built from the ground up for this business.” Erick states when asked why he chose AnaJet, “Unlike most other direct to garment printers who are merely nothing but an Epson printer converted into something it is not. If I was going to join the business might as well do it with the best. “

    Direct Digital Printing Technologies currently operates out of Erick’s home with employees that work as an on needed basis.  The services he offers range from a variety of printing services, anywhere from contract printing where the customer can provide their own garments/products, to a full service printing option where Erick provides wholesale apparel along with the custom printing.   The price of these services vary from size and configuration of each order.

    With his primary customers being sports teams, clubs, charities, and local events, the marketing approach has been social media and mainly word of mouth referral.

    Erick's business continues to grow and at some point in the future he plans to expand and add more printers as well as add other types of products to offer.

    Check out Direct Digital Printing Technologies' Facebook page or Instagram for any updates and product information.

    Live your own amazing experience with the mPower i-series and click here for more information. 

  • Nov 25, 2014

    The Holidays will be here faster than you know it and most business are preparing for that rush.  Although you may not be a big box retailer, that doesn’t mean holiday season sales aren’t for you.  Here are 8 great marketing tips to amp up your T-Shirt  sales and business reputation during the holidays:

    1.  Gift Certificates and EventsOffer gift certificates, and special events on your social media platforms.  Use Twitter or Facebook, or even instagram to pass out special holiday codes that can be used in store during certain days and times.
    2. Get involved with Charity - Tis’ the season of giving and what a great way of displaying that spirit with example.  Get your staff  involved in something charitable like a toy drive or packaging holiday food for those in need is a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit.  Make sure to take photos and encourage customers to get involved as well on Twitter or your Facebook page.
    3. Holiday Theme Contest - Promote the holiday season by putting together a contest with a holiday theme.  Mention it on all your social media channels.
    4. BOGO - Get creative with different promotions, offer a buy one get one free promotion and advertise it through your various digital marketing approaches in social media as well as email.
    5. Holiday Video - Show your customers what a fun and personable business you have by creating a holiday video.  
    6. Offer Sales - Take advantage of existing clientele contacts via email and run holiday email marketing campaigns, offer incentives like FREE shipping, time sensitive sales, storewide discounts, or pre-wrapped gifts.
    7. Holiday Cards - Who says digital all the way? Get down with the good ole’ fashion tradition and send out printed holiday cards.  Your customers will appreciate the time to acknowledge them during such a hectic time of year.
    8. Write It Out - Have a website? Write a blog regarding the holidays, whether it’s promoting your business or promoting your community, it’s always nice to keep customers in the loop.

    AnaJet believes in leading by example, so if you didn't already know, we're currently running a Cyber Week Promotion.  For this week only, select ink (Spectrum & AnaBright) is 20% off.  Our Pre-treatment and cleaning supplies are 30% off.  Promotion ends 11/30/14. 


  • Nov 20, 2014

    Here at AnaJet, we celebrate the success of our partners and recognize peak performance.  We’re thrilled to hear that Christal Jordan, owner of has been successful in growing her garment printing business since we last spoke to her. Originally operating from a garage, she recently expanded to an 1100 square foot facility and has had to hire more employees to keep up with demand.  It is no secret that owning an AnaJet Printer has been a great experience for Jordan.

    Jordan also offers advice on how to successfully promote your business through various forms of social media and traditional networking.

    Check out her follow up video testimonial:

    Watch her first video testimonial below: