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  • Sep 12, 2014

    ISS OrlandoEarly in September, we attended ISS Orlando, one of the premier trade shows in the Southeast.  The Imprinted Sportswear Show attracts embroiderers and screen printers from Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and beyond.  This garment decoration driven show also attracts a distinctly international flavor too!   Orlando is known Disney World, Sea World, and other vacation spots, but this was no holiday for AnaJet.

    Aside from good weather and plenty of tourist attraction nearby, the show itself offered industry specific seminar for decorators to learn how to embellish apparel with foil and rhinestones.  It also offered business seminars on pricing and marketing.  Although direct to garment is not very well represented at this show, AnaJet was proud to display all the possibilities that come with DTG Technology, specifically pertaining to imprinted sportswear.

    Next door to the show, held at the Orange County Convention Center, was a Surf Expo where plenty of attendees heard about AnaJet and our printers, and made their way to our booth for samples and demonstrations.  It was the first time that the Surf Expo and ISS joined together their two conventions.  Overall, it was a success.

    ISS Orlando Booth

    AnaJet attend trade shows around the country (and the world for that matter) and will be at Graph Expo Chicago at the end of September.  If you’d like passes for this show, we encourage you to email us to coordinate these.

    You are also encouraged to visit the AnaJet Facebook Page where we document many of our travels by posting albums to our social network.

  • Sep 09, 2014

    NBM PhiladelphiaAnaJet attended NBM Philadelphia at the start of September and found a lot of success in the City of Brotherly Love.  NBM Philly is part of a series of trade shows put on by National Business Media.  It is an event that combines three dimensions of opportunity by combining visual communications, apparel decorating, and awards and engraving markets.  Of course, AnaJet and our digital garment printers fall nicely into the apparel decorating market, but we also are flexible enough to cater to the visual communications and awards and engraving industries too!

    If you attended the show, you probably saw one of our AnaJetters out front demonstrating our printer capabilities in the lobby.  Large crowds of people collected around Osvaldo Gomez, asking several questions and requesting samples even before the show technically started!  Once the show kicked off, our booth was bombarded by interested parties who saw the value of direct to garment technology and wanted to learn more from the leader in the industry.

    NBM Lobby Kiosk

    Another great opportunity for those attending the NBM Philadelphia trade show was the chance to take part in informative industry classroom sessions that helped to spread general knowledge in a non-sales pitch environment.  AnaJet led two classroom sessions:  “Where to Start – Adding DTG Printers to Your Business” and “How We Did It – 7 DTG Success Stories”.  If you would like to know more about these classroom session topics, we encourage you to email us.

    AnaJet on Instagram

    We’d like to thank Katie Aretos of Your Graphix and Henry Landau from Landau's of Princeton for stopping by the booth to share their personal experience with our printers to those people who were researching direct to garment.

    AnaJet is always on the road at various trade shows around the country.  Check out our trade show calendar online to see where we will be next! 

  • Sep 08, 2014

    Embroidery Mart NashvilleEmbroidery Mart Nashville is the Embroidery Trade Show for Professional Apparel Decorators and is a must attend event for those professionals in the industry who want to see the latest equipment, apparel, software, supplies, stock designs and rhinestones.  So naturally AnaJet was in attendance, as the leader in the direct to garment printing industry, showing off what we do best.  

    Even though there were shipping issues delaying delivery of our demo printer, our technicians were able to set up the morning of the show without issues.  This is yet another prime example of the quality and easy set-up capabilities that come with your AnaJet Direct to Garment printer.  In no time, our Regional Manager, Eugene Lee, was printing demo t-shirts to a wanting public! 

    The Direct to Garment industry is still turning heads left and right as the new-comer on the garment decoration block.  AnaJet has been devoted to specializing this technology and it is the reason why we are one of the most trusted brands out there.  On top of lifetime technical support and some of the best customer service in the market, you get the industry leader in digital garment printing when you decide to go with AnaJet.
    T-shirt Demo

    For more information, please feel free to email us or call at 877-626-2538.

  • Sep 05, 2014

    If you are looking to grow your business with direct to garment technology but are uncertain of whether or not you can make that financial jump, we’d like to inform you of some of the great financing options available for AnaJet printers with our partner at Susquehanna Commercial Financing Inc..

    As a business owner considering new equipment, your initial thoughts are “how much is this going to cost and what will the return on my investment be?”  When you finance your new equipment you won’t have to worry about paying a lump sum in the initial acquisition.  Instead, you make smaller monthly payments as your new addition generates revenue.

    mPowerWith financing from Susquehanna, you can choose to take out a loan or lease your new AnaJet direct to garment printer.  After 12 months, you can even pay off your contract early without being penalized.  That is something that the majority of our competitors simply do not offer.  Or maybe you find that you need to upgrade your printer down the road and the early pay off option Susquehanna offers will allow you to upgrade to a new printer more easily.

    Of course, if you’re a new business under two years or start-up, there are some qualification that need to be met, but for 10% down and a five year signed contract, you can start your direct to garment business and get printing immediately.

    One of the best parts about financing your AnaJet printer with Susquehanna is the fact that for every dollar spent financing your equipment, you’re eligible to reduce your taxable business income by that amount.  This means your finance payments are 100% tax deductible. You may also qualify for Section 179.  Come tax time, your Accountant will be able to best advise you on your most favorable tax strategies.

    We encourage you to reach out to your regional manager or call (877)626-2538 and ask about your financing options.


  • Aug 27, 2014

    Setting Up Your EnvironmentAnaJet is happy to announce yet another video from the Tips and Tricks playlist that helps direct to garment printers get the most out of their machines.  In the latest edition, Deana explains how setting up your environment properly will lead to printing success.  There are a lot of factors that go in to a proper printing environment, including an ideal work space, the proper temperature and humidity and tools that will help you to determine the proper environment your printer in living in.

    First, you should select the proper work space for your printer.   Finding the right work space for your printer will go a long way in helping your printer run properly.  An ideal work space would be in a small room or office because the smaller space would be more manageable in terms of controlling the environment.

    Temperature is another massively important factor when setting up your printer’s work environment.  You should be no lower than 70˚F and no higher than 91˚F.  You will want to try and sustain these temperatures without using air conditioning or central heating.  Deana does give you alternatives if you need to use AC or heating in the room though.  Regardless of outdoor environment, your printer’s indoor environment must be maintained and controlled.

    Humidity is another key factor that goes in to maintaining your printer’s work environment.  The humidity should be kept above the minimum requirements of 45%.  To do this, we recommend all users purchase a cool mist humidifier (available in the AnaJet E-Store) that can hold around three gallons of water so that it can run for about 36 hours per filling.  The humidifier should be kept near the printer on the side where the maintenance station is located.  To be aware of your environment’s humidity, we also suggest purchasing a hygrometer to monitor this (also available at the AnaJet E-Store).

    Ultimately, your printer’s environment is crucial to the success of your printing operation.  To view the “Setting Up Your Environment” video tutorial from the Tips and Tricks Playlist, simply click on the link.  We encourage you to subscribe to the AnaJet YouTube Channel to stay up to date with all the videos provided by AnaJet, whether or not you are an owner of AnaJet printer.