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  • Jan 28, 2015

    We were excited to hear that The Magnetic Collaborative, a promotional marketing firm, wanted to partner up with AnaJet to help with an event for Google.  In late November Google took over the largest electronic billboard ever installed in Times Square, New York.  This impressively massive screen takes up the entire block and measures in at 25,000 square feet.  The billboard went live November 24th and featured an interactive android game that allowed the public to play with their custom Android characters on the big screen.  They could also have their very own Android printed onto a t-shirt to take home.

    Google wanted participants of this event to remember the experience and what better way to remember an event than walking away with your own custom shirt.  One of the needs identified was being able to find a direct-to-garment printer with fast t-shirt printing capabilities. The firm was well aware of AnaJet’s mPower mP10i speed.  They rented three mP10i Printers for the event.  AnaJet was geared up for whatever Times Square was ready to throw at us.  The event spanned over 2 days.  The staff working the event was given a brief training the night before on everything they needed to know to operate the three mP10i printers in their mobile t-shirt printing booth.  

    With the printers lined up and heat presses set, the operation was in full motion.  Passer-bys would create their colorful Android avatars, and then walk over to the t-shirt station where their custom shirts were printed.  The actual print time on the mPower was a quick 15 seconds.  Once the shirts were cured in the heat press for about 40 seconds, the participants walked away with their completed custom t-shirts printed with our most powerful direct-to-garment printers.

    The event was a success! There were a total of over 1700 personalized shirts printed over the two day span. We were thrilled with the partnership with The Magnetic Collaborative and being able to participate in the Google Android event in Times Square.

    Thinking of creating custom shirts at your upcoming event? Contact us for more information on mobile t-shirt printing.

  • Jan 14, 2015

    January JUST started and we've already attended 2 tradeshows! One being CES (Consumer Electronics Show) out in Las Vegas and PPAI which is also in Las Vegas.

    We might be in town near you! Here's our upcoming schedule:

    ISS Long Beach
    January 16-18
    Booth #1547

    ASI Dallas, TX
    February 4-5
    Booth #402

    CAMEX Atlanta, GA
    February 22-24
    Booth #4009

    ASI Long Beach, CA
    March 25-26
    Booth #716

    ISA Las Vegas, NV
    April 9-11
    Booth #917

    NBM Arlington, TX
    May 14-16
    Booth #TBD

    FESPA Digital Cologne
    May 18-22
    Booth #F15-50m

    NBM Indianapolis, IN
    June 4-6 
    Booth #TBD

  • Jan 05, 2015

    Thinking of starting a t-shirt printing business but don’t know how to promote it?   Maybe you already have a business but don’t know where to begin.  There are a variety of ways this can been accomplished successfully.  Good ole fashion networking is a great way to get to know other people who may be in need of your service, but in this day in age, it does require a little knowledge in the digital world of social media. 

    The amount of social media platforms out there may seem a little overwhelming at first but this will help break down the different social media platforms and what audience they cater to, you should find out what each one is used for and if it will be beneficial for you.

    Here’s a breakdown of the five major social media sites


    Twitter is a great platform where you can reach a large audience in 140 characters or less in what is called a “tweet”.  Branding your t-shirt printing business requires time, energy, and money, however remaining consistent with your tweets will be an easy way to get started with your message. Twitter is a good way to engage with potential customers.  Sharing pictures, videos, links, and other information can be tweeted.


    Facebook is by far one of the biggest social media platforms out there. Like Twitter, Facebook allows you to connect with your audience, start a conversation and update with company news, the main difference is that within Facebook, the conversation is gathered all in one place.  If you post something and your audience decides to reply, they can easily see each other’s responses without having to click links to other Facebook user’s pages.  Facebook is more of a visual platform compared to Twitter, so sharing photos and videos are highly encouraged.


    Pinterest is a great outlet to promote your knowledge. It is a network where ideas are discovered on a social level, it is not a platform for self-promotion.  Instead of broadcasting what your business is doing, you can crowd source and create highly visual “pinboards” for inspirations.  The most effective way of using Pinterest for your t-shirt printing business is posting images of products you can offer. Examples can be shirts, canvas bags, sweaters, or other garment with interesting designs.  Those can help by creating more traffic to your pinboards and to your website.


    Youtube is a great place to watch videos of cute babies and funny cats but its an even better place to educate customers about your services and promote your business.  Not all the videos have to be commercials.  People visit Youtube for educational purposes, so this is a great opportunity to show how you make your products.  Make sure when posting videos that you provide information about your business in the caption.


    T-shirt printing businesses tend to get most of their business from other businesses.  Creating a LinkedIn page for your business would be a great way to do B2B networking.  One of the advantages of Linkedin is that you can filter companies by size, industry, and geography.  Linkedin is also a place where you can partake in conversations with like-minded business owners allowing you to participate in Q&A forums that are useful to your business.

    Find the right social media platform for your business and share with us what you prefer!

  • Dec 23, 2014

    With the holidays as a sign that 2014 is coming to an end, many DTG businesses start preparing for what they hope will be an amazing new year.  Just like any individual might do with setting goals for 2015, it’s wise that businesses do the same, here are five New Year’s resolutions you might want to consider to help grow your business:

    Be a Referral Master

    Being part of the garment printing industry, you will probably end up printing an array of material from a variety of businesses.  With this experience, it doesn't hurt to ask for a referral or even give referrals.  Some businesses have found niches with certain industries, some t-shirt printing companies tend to print shirts mainly for college clubs or organizations, others might be local sports teams.  You might find one client who will be in need of a service another client might offer, it's always a joy to spread the referral love all around.

    Stay Consistent with your Social
    Posting on your different social media accounts is a great way to keep an open form of communication with your customers, staying consistent is key.  You don't need to post every day or 20 times a day just because you might see others doing the same.  Find a schedule that works for you but be consistent and keep posting.  Decide when you will post and stick with it.

    Improve Your Time Management
    The old saying "Time equals money" holds a lot of truth.  By now you may already have a system in place, but there’s always room for improvement.  Schedule time for everything if you can, even time for interruptions.  Take time when you first come into your work place and write down a list of task that need to be done, you can also add time in there for planning on long term goals.  Setting step-by-step goals for the larger projects will help delegate the appropriate amount of time and can be organized with your daily task.  All tasks can also flow much more smoothly if you organize your work space, the amount of time it could take you to find a particular item in clutter can easily be cut down if you organize!

    Re-evaluate Pricing
    One of the factors that play a big role in your business is the pricing of your products and services.  Don’t sell yourself short, but at the same time, don’t set up prices that will send potential clients running for the hills.  Pricing your products too low may seem like the best approach in convincing the consumer that your product is the least expensive alternative in hopes to drive up volume, but this can easily be perceived that your product is “cheap”.  Remember, you want your customers to feel like they’re getting their “money’s worth”.  On the flip side, overpricing might result in the buyer going back to your competitors for pricing; this could cause a decrease in sales.  Try putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and try to evaluate what would be a fair price.  Reach out to your customers and try taking little surveys with two or three questions asking them if they felt that the pricing was fair.

    Come Out With Something New 
    It’s always exciting when you hear someone announcing a new product or service, it would even be more exciting if it’s your business doing it! Coming out with a new product or service is a great way to keep customers coming back.  Evaluate the needs of your customers and find something that they may have not thought of yet.  Try creating a consistent release of new products.  It can be once a month, every quarter, or once every 6 month, finding a good rhythm will allow your customers to have something to look forward to.

    In a society where New Year's resolutions break, don't let your garment printing business goals suffer the same fate.  If five might seem overwhelming, picking just one or two from this list will help your business. Got other resolutions that aren't mentioned on this list? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

  • Dec 16, 2014

    The Holiday Season is nigh and what better way of expressing your thoughts than with a printed shirt.  Here are some funny holiday shirt ideas for the different personalities in your lives: 

    For the person who appreciates a good ole Christmas classic - 

    For the Princess or Queen in our lives - 

    For the person who turned into a non-believer  - 

    For the Elf movie fan - 

    For the person who looks forward to holiday parties for other reasons - 

    For the person who isn't on the good list this year - 

    For the Star Wars Geek in our lives - 

    And for the person who knows what the holidays truly do to us -