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  • Jul 18, 2014

    Much like the city itself, ASI Chicago was a bustling show that kept our AnaJetters printing around the clock.  The Advertising Specialty Institute tradeshow took place July 16th through 17th at McCormick Place Convention Center and is part of a series of shows put on throughout the year.

    We had ton of people at the booth, with a healthy amount of AnaJet owners who were just stopping by to say “hello!”  AnaJet was also a passport sticker contributor which allowed us to meet all types of people.  Although many were interested, some just came for their passport. 

    As for sample prints, we didn't have a single spare shirt left!  Every t-shirt sample went before we were even able to fold them.  Our trade show technician, Larry Goddard, created a menu of about 30 potential graphics available for folks to choose from for their shirts samples, so people were able to pick out the design they liked best and see the graphic printed in real time to illustrate just how easy the whole process was. This directly translates to how easy it would be to print products for potential customers, whether at an event like this, or at a brick and mortar store front.

    AnaJet customer success story Katie Aretos even swung by the booth for a friendly visit and ended up talking to several interested parties as well.  She is a great example of how you can really make the most out of direct to garment technology.

    ASI Chicago

    All in all, it was a very busy and successful show for us. We’d like to thank the staff at ASI Chicago for putting on such a great show.  If you’re interested in seeing AnaJet in action, we encourage you to visit our Trade Show page at

  • Jul 16, 2014

    At our weekly AnaJet University (AJU) training session last week, we had a few members of the U.S. Air Force join us to learn how to operate their new SPRINT direct to garment printer. 

    These service men and women who display their bravery everyday while they defend our county also displayed another admirable trait while attending AJU - generosity - as they provided AnaJet with a custom made plaque thanking us for helping them obtain their SPRINT printer. But it is us who should thank them! 

    The members of Travis Air Force Base, located near Fairfield, California, intend to use their SPRINT for the Yellow Ribbon Program, which is a series of events designed to provide service members and families with essential resources to help them through pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment periods. 

    The new SPRINT owners will be using their printer to print photos of deployed service members onto pillow cases which will be given to the children of the deployed members.

    They'll also be using the printer to print their standard squadron shirts more quickly and efficiently than their current outsourcing method of acquiring the custom squadron  shirts.

    We'd like to give a very big thank you to the admirable men and women at Travis Air Force Base, and we hope to be able to provide readers with updates and photos of their Yellow Ribbon Events in the coming months. 

    U.S. Air Force and AnaJet

  • Jul 14, 2014

    TipsTricksFoilScreenshotLast month we started a new series of video tutorials on the AnaJet YouTube Channel called Tips and Tricks.  The goal of this series is to help all direct to garment printers maximize their potential.  In the latest installment, AnaJetters Edsel and Deana walk you through the foil application process which drastically increases the value of printed garments and apparel.

    The foil application process is a fairly simple one and at a cost of approximately $0.20 per garment, the potential added value to the end product is easily $5-$10.  If you have a direct to garment printer and have not taken advantage of the foil application process, you are missing out on a very valuable product offering that can be fit in to nearly any business environment.

    Foil ToolsIn the actual foil tutorial, Edsel and Deana take you step by step through the process of applying foil to a printed garment.  Many of you will be surprised to know that you already have much of what it takes to apply foil to apparel.  All you need is your direct to garment printer, a heat press, kraft-paper, scissors, foil and pre-treated garments to apply this form of multimedia.

    Once you have the tools, make sure you have an appropriate graphic and set that graphic up with the appropriate settings, and you’re moments away from a final product.  When the graphic is printed, you apply the foil to the garment before placing it under a heat press where the foil is actually placed onto the garment permanently.   After the heat press does its job, you simply peel the foil off the cooled garment and you’re set!

    Foil Examples
    To watch the full foil tutorial, check out the Tips and Tricks tutorial here.  There you will find this latest installment of Tips and Tricks, as well as a number of other helpful videos from AnaJet.

    Should you have any questions regarding this video or any other YouTube videos from AnaJet, contact us at

  • Jul 07, 2014

    AnaJet printers are distributed and supported internationally by our large network of Authorized AnaJet Distributors. We are pleased to announce the addition of four new distributors to our network.

    Australian Visual Solutions is the largest national sign and print supply firm in Australia. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Brisbane, they are the number one sales company for Roland wide format printers and 3M. Australian Visual Solutions is now authorized to sell AnaJet products in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania.

    AVS technologies Pte. Ltd. has invaluable experience in the digital printing market, offering a comprehensive range of Roland printers, print/cut machines, cutters and 3D modeling machines backed with strong support services. Their branch office is in Selangor, Malaysia, and AVS technologies is now authorized to distribute AnaJet products in Singapore, Malyasia and Brunei. 

    Avance y Tecnologia is now authorized to distribute AnaJet products in all of Mexico; the company has branch offices in 17 locations throughout the country and currently distributors Roland, Oracal, Graphtech and Avery. 

    Tubelite S.A. is one of seven companies in the Aldda Group, with branch offices in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panamá. The company specializes in distributing printing equipment.

  • Jul 07, 2014

    What is DTGDefined as a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized or modified inkjet technology, Direct to Garment Printing, or “DTG” as we say in the industry, is fairly new technology that has opened up a world of possibilities in a variety of industries.   At, we do our best to give you our definition of Direct to Garment printing while laying out just how diverse and beneficial the technology can be for any given business.

    When you go to and look at nearly every page on the site, you’ll notice that we place a prominent orange band down the side that features plenty of links for those looking to expand their direct to garment printing knowledge.  Whether you are new to the idea of dtg technology and looking for a new start-up business idea, or perhaps you’re already in the garment decoration industry and you’re looking to expand or diversify your product offerings, direct to garment printers can offer up solutions for you.

    We encourage you as a part of the AnaJet family to spend some time in the AnaJet University section of our website.  Again, whether you’re completely new to DTG or a current business owner who has some experience with the garment decoration business, we offer up some interesting and interactive online resources for you to use.

    AnaJet YouTube Channel
    For more from AnaJet, we also encourage you to visit our YouTube Channel