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July 31, 2013

Revealing Apparition Studios, Ink – mPower mP5i Owner

AnaJet mPower direct to garment printer

apparitionStudiosInk_logoThere’s a new custom printed garment business that has been cranking out some pretty awesome shirts since May 25th, 2013, which is when a brand-new mP5i crossed their threshold! Apparition Studios, Ink, headed by Rachel Weatherholt, Brad Cline, and Jonny Seymour is the name of this up-start, and it is quickly becoming known as a provider of quality custom printed garments for the Everett, Washington area. We recently spoke to Rachel at length about how they got started and how business has been since they opened.

In November 2012 Rachel and her partners began thinking about opening a business that could utilize both her skills as a graphic/website artist and professional photographer and also those skills of her partner, Jonny, a talented tattoo artist and friend. They had heard about AnaJet through some fellow tattoo artists and decided to do a little investigating. Rachel spoke to AnaJet’s sales rep, Adam Tipre, who explained the DTG business and recommended that they watch Achieving More with the mPower Digital Apparel Printer, a webinar that is found on AnaJet’s website. After checking out the competition, they decided that the mPower 5i was the right printer for them, as they felt that it was much more robust than the competitors. A major consideration was the ability to print with white ink for dark shirt printing. The sales process went smoothly, and within 2 weeks they were mP5i owners.

mP5i owners Apparition Studios

When the new mPower 5i arrived Rachel says that they hit the ground running: filling two consecutive t-shirt orders that totaled 500 shirts! Thinking back to those days, she says that they learned a ton about how to pre-treat shirts and efficiently run the printer during the production of those first 2 orders! Now, 2 months later, she has a greater understanding of how to run test prints and also maintain the machine. Along the way, Chuck Northcutt, the DigiGuy and owner of CPI in nearby Seattle, was a huge help and gave them advice on how to get their new DTG business organized. He even called her long-distance, from the floor of the NBM Long Beach show, to offer advice!

When asked if there were any surprises in running her new DTG business, Rachel replied, “Only how quickly customers came to her with orders for shirts!” It’s no mystery why they are successful, just look at the work produced by this talented trio!

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