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March 12, 2012

Busy Booths at Graphics of the Americas, CAMEX and ISS Atlantic City

In eleven days, AnaJet exhibited at THREE separate trade shows across the United States.

The first of the month saw us at Graphics of the Americas in Miami. There was a very significant percentage of international attendees at this show. (This is also where we rolled out the first stage of our updated corporate campaign. You’ll notice the new booth graphics on the backwall.) This show catered to all types of imaging businesses, from screen printing to book bindery.

The second show was CAMEX Salt Lake City, where we connected with the collegiate retailer industry. Learn more about who CAMEX caters to. We have demonstrated AnaJet at CAMEX and earned several customers over the years, one of the strongest examples being Landau Princeton. Henry Landau’s advice to all off-campus retailers is to get a digital apparel printer, to give students, parents and all types of visitors the ability to print one-off custom gear, a strong alternative to the campus store, who is usually locked in to only printing designs that will sell in the hundreds.

Finally, just yesterday we wrapped ISS Atlantic City, the apparel show run by Nielsen. Good reports of higher than usual attendance are encouraging signs that businesses are emerging from the economic funk and looking at new ways to differentiate their offerings. Also, when Fruit of the Loom sends their ambassadors to be photographed with Chuck and Roxanna, it’s a good omen.

So, Miami, Salt Lake City and Atlantic City. Still to come this month: Shanghai, China and ISA Orlando! We hope to see you at a trade show near you this year.




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