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March 28, 2012

Artwork Source Special Offer for AnaJet Customers

Click to visit Artwork Source

Artwork Source has helped many AnaJet customers in need of emergency graphic fixes. The company takes low-resolution, blurry, generally not-ready-for-production graphics and turns around solid quality vector graphics, usually in a day or less.

Owner Cory Dean pointed out to me how frequently customers will come to a garment decorator and hand them an impossible graphic, or something that hasn’t even been rendered digitally like a line drawing, and expect that vendor to turn around magic.

Well, Cory’s company seems to be the people who make magic. While they are based in Seattle, Washington, the service requires credit card payment, so I bet you could work it out even if you’re not in the US. Try them next time you get a doozy.

The first time (new customers only) is free, you just need to go online to set up an account and email them for the coupon code. Here’s his offer to first-time customers. –Joe


The problem.

Your customer brings in a blurry bitmap that was scanned from a business card, or downloaded from the web.  It will print terribly.  It needs a few hours of your labor and you don’t have the time.


Our solution.
We will redraw the graphic, from scratch, in Illustrator or Corel Draw, in 24 hours or less. The new graphic is vector and can be resized or recolored. We have a super skilled team that is dedicated do doing this task consistent and fast.


Standard Service for New Customers Only.
Up to 2 hrs of labor for $15 flat. 24 Hour Turnaround Service. Friendly Service from Seattle. Simplest website in the market.

Click to visit Artwork Source

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