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October 18, 2012


AnaRIP version 2.4 for mPower Released

AnaJet Releases AnaRIP® version 2.4 for mPower Series Printers.

Good news for current and future owners of the mPower series. Today we announced the release of a new version of AnaRIP with even more exciting features that will make it easier for you to deliver maximum image fidelity for your customers.

  • We have added a new fully-integrated ICC profile to optimize color accuracy when printed onto a cotton substrate. We built this capability in-house to optimize the color range of AnaJet’s PowerBright™ inks. ICC profiles eliminate guesswork, meaning what you see is truly what you get. This means that the default settings now allow you to simply import your graphic into AnaRIP and press print, giving you the best representation of color.
  • An ICC preview feature shows you exactly what your print will look like when printed. When you import a graphic into AnaRIP and view onscreen, you are likely seeing an inaccurate representation due to unique monitor settings. Clicking the ICC preview button will apply that profile to the image and change its color to a more real-time, WYSIWYG preview.
  • A new Choke feature allows you more incremental adjustment. Choke allows you to print very fine detail and small fonts with losing them, with perfect registration.
  • Overall image fidelity has been enhanced to remove the likelihood of grainy appearance in color or detail.
  • New left and right auto placement screen for pocket drops speed up the process of aligning your image.

We hope you get the most out of this amazing software. The idea is to minimize or eliminate the time it takes to dial in a graphic and run test prints. If you want to download it, visit the Tech Support site and log in. The download is free to all mPower owners.

We will add photos later of some of the prints we’ve done on white shirts, using 2.4. They are, in a word, perfect.

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  1. Kim
    Nov 21 2012

    I am curious how you get the ICC feature turned on. When I upload an image its greyed out to where I can’t select it? Also, how do I know how to charge for the ink calculator? and How do I use/work it?

    • Nov 28 2012

      Hi Kim, I’ll ask Tech Support to respond to you via email. Great questions.

  2. Kim
    Nov 28 2012

    Thanks Joe!

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